27 February, 2018 02 :37 pm
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Sno. Date Event / Seminar / Conference Resource Person
1 8th Feb, 2018 Workshop on Mindfulness Prof. from Delhi University
2 1st Feb , 2018 Seminar on Career opportunities in Travel & Tourism KUONI Academy
3 30th Jan,2018 Recruitment Drive Talent4Assure
4 24th Jan,2018 Seminar on Employment in Insurance Sector Mr. Prabhat (Senior Branch Manager, Max Life Insurance)
5 12 Jan, 2018 Workshop on Graph Theory Prof. S.C. Arora( Former Head Dept. Mathematics D.U.)
6 11th Jan,2018 Recruitment Drive Nirvana India Pvt ltd.
7 8th Jan, 2018 Orientation Programme All Faculty Members
8 18th to 24th December, 2017 7 days FDP On INNOVATIVE TEACHING APPROACHES IN MANAGEMENT AND EDUCATION Dr. P V Khatri, Principal, Swami Shraddhanand College , Univ. of Delhi Dr. Inder Jeet Dagar Principal at College of Vocational Studies, Univ. of Delhi New Delhi Area, India Prof. M. Afjal wani. University School of Law GGSIPU Prof Saroj Sharma University School of Education GGSIPU.
9 11th November 2017 “National conference on "QUALITY OF HIGHER EDUCATION IN 21ST CENTURY: EXPECTATIONS & CHALLENGES” Dr.Dhananjay Joshi, Prof. Sanjeev Mittal Dean VSMS GGSIPU
10 3rd November 2017 Stock mind Trading Competition Dishanshu Tripathi Sr. Regional Manager ICICIdirect

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