Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the most sought bachelor degree programmes after 12th standard. This course provides an insight on several of the managerial roles. Management is the art of making workplaces efficient and accountable. With good managerial skills students excel in the corporate world.

Description of Degree

Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) programs feature classes in general economic theory as well as opportunities to explore specific fields of study in more depth. These concentrations range from Accounting and Marketing to Finance and Human Resource. An undergraduate degree in Business Administration will give you a firm understanding of principles at work in todays dynamic economy. You will also have the chance to building skills widely towards success in your chosen area of expertise.

Skills Obtained

To give you a well-rounded business education, Bachelor of Business Administration programs feature courses in a wide range of subjects. This gives you a chance to learn practical knowledge while honing leadership, communications and team building abilities. Students in BBA programs also pursue individual interests through concentrated study in areas such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Operations and Information Management, Human Resources, Management and Business Law.

Higher Educational Plan

The Master of Business Administration is also one of the most popular graduate degrees. Students from a wide range of backgrounds apply to MBA programs to stay competitive in a crowded job market.

Career Options

Students who graduate with a degree in Business Administrations may work in a wide range of environments. From accountants to marketing staff and human resource managers to IT administrators, the work of these business professionals is important toward the success of organizations throughout the world. Regardless of the concentrations you choose to pursue in business administrations, you can expect to make a vital contribution in the workplace.

Wrap Up

A degree in Business Administration can give you a decided advantages in an increasingly competitive job market. Graduates are needed in virtually every industry, and they are qualified to land eagerly sought positions from the nations top employers. Effectively in demand within every sector of the economy, graduates with Business Administrations degrees can expect a healthy future in the job market .

Course Structure BBA (General)-3years Programme

Semester I

Code No.Paper
BBA 101Management Process and Organisational Behaviour
BBA 103Business Mathematics
BBA 105Financial Accounting & Analysis
BBA 107Business Economics-I
BBA 109Computer Applications
BBA 111Computer Applications Labs

Semester II

Code No.Paper
BBA 102Cost Accounting
BBA 104Quantitative Techniques
BBA 106E-Commerce
BBA 108E-Commerce Lab.
BBA 110Business Communication
BBA 112Business Environment

Semester III

Code No.Paper
BBA 201Business Laws
BBA 203Marketing Management
BBA 205Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
BBA 207Management Accounting
BBA 209Indian Economy
BBA 211Environmental Science*

Semester IV

Code No.Paper
BBA 202Human Resource Management
BBA 204Financial Management
BBA 206Research Methodology
BBA 208Research Methodology Lab.
BBA 210Information Systems Management
BBA 212Information Systems Management Lab.
BBA 214Managerial Skill Development

Semester V

Code No.Paper
BBA 301Income tax Law And Practice
BBA 303Production & Operations Management
BBA 305Services Marketing
BBA 307Entrepreneurship Development
BBA 309Goods and Service Tax
BBA 311Summer Training Report

Semester VI

Code No.Paper
BBA 302Project Management
BBA 304Digital Marketing
BBA 306International Business Management
BBA 308Business Policy And Strategy
BBA 310Sales & Distribution Management
BBA 312Project Report